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China and the United States have plenty of areas for cooperation in smart energy development and management, an expert on energy development said Saturday.

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What innovations and trends lie beyond the digital frontier? To see clearly and stay ahead of the game, companies must work methodically to sense new possibilities and define their ambitions for tomorrow.

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Steven Chu, ex-US energy secretary, concerned about impact on cooperation

The escalating trade tensions between the US and China could affect the clean energy collaborations between the two countries, which have been urged to work together to address global climate change issues, one expert warns.

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- The opportunity is huge for the United States and China to collaborate in clean energy innovation, paving the way for the whole world to benefit, energy experts said at a two-day event in Silicon Valley that ended Saturday.

The “OHTC Cup”, a major event of the Western China Overseas Hi-tech and High Talents Conference, is set up under the direction of National Innovation Driven Development Strategy, the “Initiative to Promote Mass Overseas hi-talents Innovation” taken by Overseas hi-talents Affairs Office Of The State Council and purposes of the development of key industries in Sichuan Province. The aim of the “OHTC Cup” is to build a platform which faces global scientific and technological innovation and accelerates the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In order to achieve this aim, the province needs to integrate innovative factors (policies, campuses, enterprises, venture capital and overseas hi-talents who support innovation and entrepreneurship) and lead more extensive social resources to support the entrepreneurial practice of overseas hi-talents in Sichuan Province. Besides, high-level and high-quality entrepreneur teams need to be introduced and trained, together with SMEs (small and medium-size enterprise) and science and technology projects with core innovation capability of high-growth and strategic emerging industries trained.

The worldwide Energy Transition will be the focus of hot topics at this premier conference, bringing together leaders from three major industries in the US and China, to promote green energy for meeting the global electricity demand while reducing pollution. These prominent and distinguished leaders will include government officials from China and US as well as industry leaders in Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Internet Infrastructure. This is a unique conference on global visions and solutions. The theme this year is on rebalancing global objectives and local interests to build a new consensus on green energy development and the holistic integration of the next-generation Internet with the Electric Power Grids, especially the soon-to-be realized Smart Grid and Energy Internet.