Smart Energy and Smart Village Forum on Silicon Valley

Challenges and Opportunities in US and China
2019 UCGEC Seminar

The US-China Green Energy Council(UCGEC) started the first Seminar on March 16 2019, “Smart Energy and Smart Village Forum”. This Seminar was sponsored by UCGEC and co-sponsored by GEIRI North America and CSEE North American Chapter.

The Seminar focus on how to cooperate between China and the United States, present and future challenges, artificial intelligent(AI) technology in power development, business development and building smart villages.

Wang Zhiwei, president of GEIRI North America of the SGCC, introduce their achievements in Smart Chip& IoT, Graph computing & Grid Modernization, PMU & System Analytics, AI & Its Applications.

Zhang Xiaofeng, executive vice president of the US-Chian Green Energy Council, and Chair, IEEE PES China Smart Village Committee Chair. She said, Smart village concept is engaged in efforts to combat the real barriers to energy access in villages, particularly in developing countries with technological, financial and educational methodology. Since 20th Century Electricity has become a vital part of our lives, though we can survive without electricity but cannot progress and enjoy the benefits of science.

Scott Mauvais, director of Microsoft Cities, who spoke on AI for sustainability, elaborated on how to empower every organization to thrive in a resource-constrained world. He said Microsoft has made a lot of efforts to try to harness the power of AI around sustainability goals.

Professor Tom Kosnik, Partner FounderX Ventures and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford Department of MS&E from 1990-2018. He thinks social entrepreneurs can change the world through the smart village program and share his experience on the smart village program.

Tan Jun, a senior researcher with the Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute(GEIRI) North America of the State Grid Corporation of Chian(SGCC), said cooperation in smart energy between China and the United States can produce results that benefit both sides.

Chen Xi, Chief Information Officer of GEIRI North America, said the SGCC, the largest electricity utility company in China, boasts advanced electricity technology and abundant experience in construction of power networks in the world’s most populous country.

The seminar held two panels for in-depth discussions on opportunities and challenges in smart energy application and building smart village in the United States and China.

The seminar was moderatored by Dr. Fang Cao(VP, UCGEC) and Dr. Sunny Chen(GEIRI North America, SGCC). Panel speakers also included Kelly Jiang, Environmental Engineering Science, UC Berkely, Dr. Xin Ai, Founder and CEO of Trusiness(Sivicamp).