The 4th “OHTC Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Global Overseas Hi-tech and High Talents


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I. Introduction

The “OHTC Cup”, a major event of the Western China Overseas Hi-tech and High Talents Conference, is set up under the direction of National Innovation Driven Development Strategy, the “Initiative to Promote Mass Overseas hi-talents Innovation” taken by Overseas hi-talents Affairs Office Of The State Council and purposes of the development of key industries in Sichuan Province. The aim of the “OHTC Cup” is to build a platform which faces global scientific and technological innovation and accelerates the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In order to achieve this aim, the province needs to integrate innovative factors (policies, campuses, enterprises, venture capital and overseas hi-talents who support innovation and entrepreneurship) and lead more extensive social resources to support the entrepreneurial practice of overseas hi-talents in Sichuan Province. Besides, high-level and high-quality entrepreneur teams need to be introduced and trained, together with SMEs (small and medium-size enterprise) and science and technology projects with core innovation capability of high-growth and strategic emerging industries trained.

II. Organizers

  • Guidance units: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council, Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, The People’s Government of Sichuan Province, The Central Committee of Jiusan Society.
  • Organizers: the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee,Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs, Jiusan Society, Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Sichuan Association for Science and Technology.
  • Cooperation unit:The Central Committee of Jiusan Society’s Technology Innovation Committee
  • Execution units: Sichuan Province Overseas Gallery,the CPC Chengdu Committee’s Organization Department, Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office.
  • Overseas co-organizers: the innovation center of relevant renowned universities in each division, overseas Chinese professional association

III. Requirement

The entry must be closely related to the field of high-tech products development, manufacture, production and service, which should have independent intelligent property right and not be involved in property right dispute. It is required that the technical achievement of the the entry should be domestic (or world) leading and serve the development of industries in Sichuan Province. The competitor is supposed to be willing to start a career in Sichuan, meanwhile, the products are required to have better market prospects and can be industrialized.

  1. Materials
    • (1)The electronic edition of Business Plan
    • (2)The competitor should prepare a PPT for road show, and the statement which is concise and to the key points should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  2. Announcements
    • (1)All the materials of the entries can’t involve others’ intellectual property rights and state secrets.
    • (2)The competitor needs to sign the disclaimer before the competition, then e-mails the organizing committee. Competitors who are going to participate in the preliminaries of the grand final in Chengdu are required to hand the original copy in to the organizers.

IV. Tips

  1. The board of the committee offers a million yuan to the bonus pond of the project. For projects that are awarded there will be the economic support from Sichuan provincial government and each municipal governments, support of joining related talents projects, initial funds of High and New technology industrial park, and house allowances as well. During the finals, there will be technique specialists and senior managers of venture capital at home and aboard to mark and comment, after which will be a grand award ceremony.
  2. Collect high and new technology with superior quality worldwide from January to July 2018.
  3. All the competitors are seen as participating the 17th 'OHTC '.

V. Schedule

  • The 1st Stage:Overseas Promotion Meeting
    Feb-Mar Overseas Project Collection of ‘Early Bird’
    Apr 1st - Apr 10th Preliminary Selection of Domestic Jury
    Apr 10th - Apr 30th Remote Roadshow of ‘Early Bird’ Project
    Apr -May Promotion Meeting for Project Abroad & Excellent Projects
  • The 2nd Stage:Project Tracking
    Before Jun 30th Project  Match  of  'Early Bird' & Registration  of  the  Second  Batch
  • The 3rd Stage:Domestic Final Stage'
    Jul 1st - Jul 15th Preliminary Selection of The Second Batch Projects
    Jul 16th - Jul 31st The Second Round Selection & Project Match of The Second Batch
    Aug 1st - Sep 8th Competition Pre-preparation
    Sep 9th Semi-Final
    Sep 10th Final Competition
    Sep 10th - Sep 15th Site & City Tour Roadshow
  • The 4th Stage:Tracking & Assessment Stage
    Before Dec 31st Tracking & Promoting

VI. Mien


VII. Remarks

  1. Expiration Date(Early Bird): 2/28/2018; (Early Bird is given to the first approval of the project.We would help them to match with companies and venture capitals and help them land in Sichuan.)
    Expiration Date:  7/31/2018
  2. Registration Method:
    Please Send the registration form(Click to download) and relevant information to the mailbox.
    E-mail: and
    After registration, you will receive a confirmation letter from the organizing committee.
  3. Bonus:
    • Million bonus pool
    • Policy support
    • Venture capital funds
    • Support fund
    • Precise docking platform
  4. Contact Us:
    Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs,Sichuan Province People’s Government
    Contact:Bing Tang, Yi Zhao 
  5. Contact for Registration:          
    Contact:Qianling Wang