Mr. Robert Wu, Founder and Chairman of US-China Green Energy Council (aka.,UCGEC), Founder of China's first generation of electronics and information technology, peacefully passed away at age of 88, at his residence in Los Altos, California on September 18th, 2020.

Born in Shanghai, China, in 1932, Mr. Wu graduated from Nanyang Model High School in Shanghai in early 1949. He then came to the United States to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and continued to earn a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1954. He was among the first group of researchers mastering the nascent transistor technology. He went back to China in 1956 and conducted research and development in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 22 years. He took part in leading the development of China's first generation transistors, the first use of transistors to make mainframe computers, and the first-time development of China’s microcomputers with integrated circuits. He was one of the group of pioneers and founders of China's information technology industry. After China’s reform and opening up in 1978, he went to the US to receive his family’s inheritance. Since then, he had worked and assumed various leadership roles in research and development at HP Research Institute in Silicon Valley for 16 years. During his tenure, he facilitated the establishment of HP China, promoted the US-China trade, the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, and then co-founded Silicon Magic Semiconductor Corporation in the United States. After retirement, he instigated and served as the founding chairman of Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association (BCAIA). He also conceived with a group of fellow alumni to establish the North America Chapter of Nanyang Model High School Alumni Association and served as the first president. In 2008, Mr. Wu founded the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) and served as its chairman to build and promote a bridge between the United States and China for collaboration in green energy. UCGEC held high-level events like the "US-China Green Energy Summit" and it promotes the scientific and technological exchanges among universities, research institutions, professional associations and enterprises between the two countries in the field of renewable energy, smart city, smart grid, intelligent transportation, green information technology and other futuristic fields. Mr. Wu had an unwavering commitment until his final rest to facilitate a cooperative effort in the green energy transformation in both the US and China to cope with the climate change for the humankind.

Mr. Robert Wu had lived with great virtue and high prestige. He was gentle and genial. He had pursued scientific truth, cultivated new generations of talents and promoted international cooperation with great accomplishments. He was deeply respected and well loved by his peers and juniors. He had set an example for us to learn from, to respect, and to follow his path.

Mr. Robert Wu’s legacy will be everlasting!

US China Green Energy Council
September 19, 2020