US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) Partnership Program

Both the United States and China are now among the world leaders in the move towards green energy, with the objectives of improving energy management, environmental protection and reversing global warming. While green energy is central to the most important objectives that the nations of the world are following, it is a challenging path. Key measures include energy efficiency in the short term and developing sustainable, clean energy sources over the longer term.

The US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) brings together the leading clean energy specialists from business, government, and academia from both the United States and China. The San Francisco Bay Area, Beijing, and Shanghai are rapidly becoming the global centers for clean energy technology promotion, development, and investment, and there are enormous gains to be achieved through enhanced collaboration between the regions.

In the interest of building strategic partnerships and mutual support, the UCGEC has established its Partnership Program. The purpose of the program is to identify organizations interested in reaching out to a broad base of individuals and institutions with an interest in Green/Clean technologies and long term collaboration between policymakers, researchers, businesspersons, and investors in the US and China.

The Partnership Program seeks to obtain maximum exposure and awareness of the UCGEC events, in exchange, UCGEC will offer publicity to the Partners, along with the following additional benefits:

  • Logo and link to your organization's website from the UCGEC website
  • On-site placement of your organization's promotional materials at major UCGEC events  
  • Logo of your organization in the program booklet (if any) of each UCGEC event
  • Provide general content to you for UCGEC events
  • Potential discount registration for the members of your organization for UCGEC events
  • Invitations to special events of UCGEC

We request that Partners actively engage their constituents and assist in the promotion of UCGEC events through:

  • Distribution of flyers, and other promotional materials to your members at events
  • Mailings to your email list  
  • Posting information about the UCGEC events on your website
  • Informing other related organizations of the UCGEC events
  • Potential discount registration for the members of our organization at your organization’s events

Please contact Sam Wang, VP of UCGEC, with any questions. Email: