2019 ICES Program

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October 26 (Saturday)

10:00-20:00 Registration

October 27 (Sunday)


Opening ceremony

  • Speech from leader of China Association for Science and Technology
  • Speech from leader of China Energy Research Association
  • Speech from leader of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
  • Speech from leader of US-China Green Energy Council

Keynote Speech

  • Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate, Former U.S. Secretary of Energy, President of American Association for the Advancement of Science, Professor of Stanford University.
  • Baoxing Qiu, Counsellor of China State Council, Former Deputy Minister of China Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Chairman of China Society for Urban Studies,
  • Robert Weisenmiller, Former Chairman of California Energy Commission
  • Daniel Kammen, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, Former Science Envoy, US Department of State
  • Jizhen Liu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Former President of North China Electric Power University
  • Christophe Poinssot, Nuclear Counsellor at the French Embassy in China and CEA representative
12:00-13:30 Lunch

Forum 1: Clean Energy and Low-Carbon City

Moderator: Feng Shan, China Society for Urban Studies


  • James Caldwell, Director of the Smart City Committee of the US-China Green Energy Council
  • Hongwei Yang, Researcher at the China National Development and Reform Commission, and Senior Expert of the UN Climate Change
  • Erfan Ibrahim, the Founder and CEO of the Bit Bazzar LLC
  • Guoxin Xu, Deputy Director of Information and Data Center, China Hydropower and Water Conservancy Planning and Design Institute
  • Haiyan Qin, Secretary General of Wind Energy Committee, China Renewable Energy Society

Forum 2: Energy Internet and Clean Energy

Moderator: Zhiqian Bo, Fellow of China Society for Electrical Engineering


  • Lebin Wu , Chairman of Innovation and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Former chairman of CAS Holding Company
  • Steve Chen, Academician of the US Academy of Engineering, Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Hongbin Sun, Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Chairman of IEEE PES Energy Internet Technology Committee
  • Hongjie Jia, Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate School of Tianjin University
  • Michael Hsieh, Vice President of the US-China Green Energy Council
  • Chaohong Bi, Professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Director of Shaanxi Smart Grid Key Laboratory
  • Wei Ma, National Specialized Expert, Distinguished Professor of Shandong University

October 28 (Monday)


Forum 3:  Comprehensive Energy Technology Development

Moderator: Rui Sun,  Vice President of Electric Power Planning and Design Institute


  • Yibiao Wang, President of Science and Technology Research Institute of China Datang Group
  • Ming Zeng, Director of Energy Internet Research Center, North China Electric Power University
  • Christos Markides, Professor of Imperial College, UK
  • Ting Li,  Executive Director of American Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Guangyuan Tao, Executive Director of Sino-German Recyclable Energy Cooperation Center
  • Dehua Zheng, Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tao Zheng, Nanrui Research Institute
  • 9:00-12:30

Forum 4: Clean Energy Development in Rural Region

Moderators: Minyou Chen, Professor at Chongqing University


  • James Sweeney, Director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University;
  • Ruijin Liao, Vice President, Chongqing University
  • Xuzhu Dong, School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Wuhan University
  • Weihua Liu, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship Committee of China Association of Social Workers
  • Xiaomin Bai, Senior Expert in China Electric Power Research Institute
  • Xhensheng Wu, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Xiaoxia Si, CEO of Tianjin Juhongyuan Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Jun Liao, Director of Shanghai Bihua Low Carbon Science Popularization Center
12:30-13:30 Lunch

Forum 5: Smart Energy and Transportation

Moderators: Jinghan He, Dean of School of Electrical Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University


  • Mike Wang, CEO of Beijing Global Super Power New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Zhenbo Wang, Professor of Beijing University of Technology; Director of National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles
  • Junyong Liu, Professor of Sichuan University
  • Jing Ma, Professor of North China Electric Power University
  • Fushuan Wen, Professor of Zhejiang University
  • Yin Xu, Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, Associate Director of Smart Energy Research Center

Forum 6: Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Technology

Moderators: Yongqian Liu, Professor of North China Electric Power University


  • Jingchun Chu, Director of State Key Laboratory of Wind Power Equipment and Control
  • Qin Wang, Vice President of US-China Green Energy Council
  • Lars Johanning, Professor at the University of Exeter, UK
  • David Infield, Professor at University of Strathclyde, UK; Editor-in-Chief of IET Renewable Power Generation
  • Peng Jin, Associate Professor of Peking University
  • Xiao Yan, Experts in Thousand Talents Program of Shanghai City

Panel Discussion

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