2019 ICES Program

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October 26 (Saturday)



October 27 (Sunday)


Opening Ceremony
Chair: Shujun Lu, Deputy President of CSEE

  • Speech from leader of China Association for Science and Technology
  • Speech from leader of China Energy Research Association
  • Speech from leader of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
  • Speech from leader of US-China Green Energy Council

Keynote Session
Chair: Qili Huang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Former US Secretary of Energy, President of American Association for the Advancement of Science
    -- Climate risks and innovation for the transition to clean energy
  • Baoxing Qiu, Counsellor of the State Council, Chairman of the China Urban Science Research Council
    -- A preliminary study on the feasibility of the Chinese version of Dii
  • Robert Weisenmiller, Former Chairman of California Energy Commission
    -- Lessons learned implementing California’s energy policies
  • Daniel Kammen, Distinguished Profess of Energy, University of California-Berkeley, Former Science Envoy, US Department of State, Coordinating Lead Author, IPCC Nobel Peace Prize
    -- The clean energy revolution has begun: why US-China cooperation is so vital to its success
  • Jizhen Liu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Former President of North China Electric Power University
    -- The difficulties and key technology of new energy power consumption
  • Christophe Poinssot, Nuclear Counselor at the French Embassy in China, Representative in China of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission
    -- French perspective towards a carbon-free energy system, a key contribution to mitigate the climate change



Ballroom A

Panel 1: Clean Energy and Low-carbon City
Chair: Feng Shan, Executive Deputy Director of Digital City Engineering Research Center, Chinese Society for Urban Studies

  • Welcome Address
  • Launching Ceremony
    The BRI Joint Research Center for Urban Intelligent Ecological Technology
  • Erfan Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of The Bit Bazaar LLC
    -- Smart community – a scalable, secure, reliable & resilient unit of a future smart city
  • Hongwei Yang, Lead Reviewer for the UNFCCC, Senior Research Fellow with the ERI
    -- China's energy transform and low-carbon cities
  • Haiyan Qin, Secretary-General of the Chinese Wind Energy Association
    -- Current situation and development of global energy transformation
  • James Caldwell, President of E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc, Chair of Smart Eco-city Task Force US-China Green Energy Council
    -- The art and science of managing sustainable communities
  • Guoxin Xu, Deputy Director of the Information Data Center of the General Institute of Hydropower Planning and Design
    -- Trends and prospects of urban renewable energy consumption
  • Discussion

Ballroom B

Panel 2: Energy Internet and Clean Energy
Chair: Zhiqian Bo, Fellow of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

  • Invited Guest Speech
  • Lebin Wu, Chairman of Innovation and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Former Chairman of CAS Holdings Company
    -- Integration of "three chains" to develop liquid sunshine
  • Steve Chen, Member of U.S National Academy of Engineering Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    -- Distributed green energy grid and supercomputer grid with AI for happy villages and healthy lifestyles
  • Hongbin Sun, Professor of Tsinghua University
    -- Integrated energy management system for Energy Internet
  • Hongjie Jia, Professor of Tianjin University
    -- Research on integrated energy system in the customer side
  • Michael M. Hsieh, Special Lecturer, University of California – Berkeley, Vice President, US-China Green Energy Council
    -- Emerging technologies that could influence the digital transformation of US utility industry
  • Zhao Ma, National Distinguished Expert of China, Professor of Shangdong University
    -- Active distribution system & dispersed energy resources development – a global challenge
  • Zhaohong Bie, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Member of CPC Xi'an Jiaotong University Standing Committee
    -- Energy internet and renewable energy utilization
  • Tao Zhang, Partner of PK Investment and Silicon Valley Torch VC
    -- SunPower
  • Discussion

October 28 (Monday)


Ballroom A

Panel 3: Integrated Energy Service
Chair: Sun Rui, Vice President of China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute

  • Zhenbiao Wang, President of China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd
    -- Supply side integrated energy system construction
  • Ming Zeng, Director of energy Internet research center of North China Electric Power University
    -- Smart energy and energy revolution
  • Ting Li, Rocky Mountain Institute Regional Managing Director, Chief Representative of Rocky Mountain Institute China Office
    -- The latest practice of integrated energy services
  • Johan Wallin, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Synocus Group Chairman of Synocus China Ltd
    -- Public-private collaboration for energy system innovation
  • Guangyuan Tao, Executive Director, Sino-German Renewable Energy Cooperation Center
    -- Smart energy system for the energy transformation framework
  • Christos Markides, Professor of Clean Energy Technologies Head of the Clean Energy Processes Laboratory
    -- Solar combined heating, cooling and power systems based on hybrid PV-thermal technology
  • Dehua Zheng, Chief Scientist & General Manager of Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd
    -- Fault protection and dynamic control strategy for microgrids with high renewable energy penetration
  • Tao Zheng, Manager of Integrated Energy Technology R&D Department of Nanrui Research Institute
    -- The practice of smart energy service system under the ubiquitous IoT system

Ballroom B

Panel 4: Sustainable Development of Rural Clean Energy
Chair: Minyou Chen, Professor of Chongqing University

  • James Sweeney, Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford University
    -- Energy efficiency management for distributed energy resources
  • Minyou Chen, Professor of Chongqing University
    -- Clean energy and rural revitalization
  • Xuzhu Dong, Professor of Wuhan University
    -- Research and exploration of Micro-grid in South Rural Area

Panel Discussion: Smart energy and smart village

  • Ruijin Liao, Vice President of Chongqing University
  • Xiaomin Bai, China Electric Power Research Institute
  • Weihua Liu, Vice Chairman of Corporate Citizens Committee of China Social Workers' Federation
  • Xuzhu Dong, Wuhan University
  • Zhensheng Wu, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Xiaoxia Si, CEO of Tianjin Juhongyuan Energy Technology Development Co. Ltd

Roundtable Forum: Clean energy and smart rural sustainable development




Ballroom A

Panel 5: Clean Energy and Smart Transportation
Chair: Jinghan He, Secretary of the CPC Electrical Engineering Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University Committee

  • Invited Guest Speech
  • Mike Wang, CEO of Beijing Global Super Power New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
    -- Large-capacity Solid-state Lithium Battery is the core technology to solve the safety issues of renewable energy vehicles
  • Zhengpo Wang, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology
    -- Key technologies of big data platform of new energy vehicles and its engineering applications
  • Qinglai Guo, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University
    -- Coordinated optimization of transportation-energy systems: a cyber-physical-society system perspective
  • Jing Ma, Professor of North China Electric Power University
    -- The future prospective of renewable energy and transportation integrated development
  • Fushuan Wen, Professor of Tallinn University of Technology
    -- Optimal coordinated planning between charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and the distribution system concerned
  • Yin Xu, Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University
    -- Resiliency of electricity-transportation integrated systems
  • Discussion

Ballroom B

Panel 6: Renewable Energy and Energy Storage
Chair: Yongqian Liu, Secretary of the CPC Renewable Energy Insitute of North China Electric Power University Committee

  • Jingchun Chu, Director of State Key Laboratory of Wind Power Equipment and Control
    -- Research status and prospects of intelligent wind power technology
  • Qin Wang, Vice President, US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC)
    -- Application of energy storage technology in the US electricity market
  • Peng Jin, Associate professor of Peking University
    -- Concentrated solar for energy and environment future
  • Lars Johanning, Professor of The University of Exeter
    -- Research needs and international collaboration in offshore renewable energy
  • David Infield, Professor of University of Strathclyde, Editor of IET Renewable Power Generation
    -- High penetration of renewable energies into power systems
  • Xiao Yan, Professor of Shanghai University of Engineering Science
    -- Battery energy storage's prognostics and safety management system
  • Mingyi Liu, Director of Energy Storage Institute of Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute
    -- Generation-side DC energy storage technology development and engineering application

Panel Discussion: Sustainability of Lithium Battery Storage
Chair: Xiao Yan

  • Zixiang Wang, CEO of Shanghai Jinguang Asset Management
    -- Energy's Asset Market Analysis
  • Jionggen Wang, Head of Energy Storage Business Unit of State Grid Zhejiang Huayun Group,
    -- Multiple Features at the Substation
  • Shuangyu Liu, State Grid GEIR Institute
    -- Energy Storage Trend
  • Jinquan Li, China Tower Qingpu Company President
    -- Tower Basestation
  • Hongbin Cao, ZTT New Energy Industrial Group President
    -- Utility- & Customer-side Energy Storage Practice
  • Di Wu, Envision Energy Marketing Director
    -- Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Practice

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